Sephora or Walgreens?!

Hey friends!  Hope your day is going swell.
While thinking of new, amazing blog posts ideas and adding them to my list that is nicely stored in my BlackBerry, I came up with a pretty good one if I do say so myself.
What's it called?                          

Today is going to be the first of many posts in this little category.  But basically, I'm going to be picking different products from both Sephora and Walgreens (or any drug store) that I've had experience with, and telling you which ones (in my opinion) take the cake.
What's the reason I am doing this post?  
Because I want to let you in on a little secret.  Let me explain.
I'm not sure how many of my readers already know this, but I am currently a business major at a pretty good school here in the Midwest.  More specifically, I'm a marketing major.
That means I am familiar with a lot of the hush-hush strategies that marketers and advertisers use to get you innocent little gems to buy all of their stuff.  Cool, right? :)
It is.  Because this allows me to be a little more "intelligent" when choosing the products that I purchase.  I wanted to do this post to teach you to think about why you purchase certain items.  
And why should you think so much about it?
It will save you money.  There are TONS of things (diapers is a BIG one) where they are literally produced in the same manufacturing plant, with the same products, by the same people.  If you aren't catching on... THEY ARE THE SAME THING.  For you moms out there- Pampers and Luvs are kind of exactly the same.  
But marketers have quickly learned that there are some people in this world that are willing to pay more for things because they think they are getting better quality.  So a well-known brand name is slapped on the product, it's given a higher price, and voila.  People think it's better.  But is it really?  Not always.
THAT is why you should think about why you pay more for certain things.  
Just some food for thought :)  Now on to the products I'll be comparing.

Today's Topic: Mascara
I have had a new poll going on right over on the left side of your screen asking which makeup items you would just die without.  The majority of you said "Mascara" so I figured I'd start there.  Here we gooo.... Let's start with the opponents :)

In SEPHORA'S corner:
standing at $25.00....
Diorshow Blackout
by Dior
(cue cheering/clapping)

Aaaand in Walgreens' Corner:
standing at $8.99...
Volumnious False Fiber Lashes
by L'Oreal Paris

Hopefully everyone appreciates my effort to commentate this post as if it were a boxing match.  If you didn't catch that.... well, shoot.

The Decision:
Did I feel cooler wearing the Dior mascara? Yes.  Of course.
Did I notice a difference in my eyelashes between the two? No.
Was it worth the approximately $16 dollar difference?  Nope.

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE Sephora.  More than is considered acceptable by most people.  But this is just one item where I could not tell the difference.
So I go for the Walgreens brands.  It's better for my bank account.

So what do you think?  
What high-end items have you bought that really are no different than the cheaper brand?

Thanks, ya'll :)


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