Facts about MEN! Did You Know....

Hi Ladies!  
As many of my readers know, my blog is not just about beauty.  It is more of a girly "lifestyle" blog and I touch on a variety of different topics.

I want to talk about... you guessed it! MEN! Because they can sometimes be a HUGE part of our lives :)  So it's best if we understand just a few things about them and how they differ from women.
This post will be in the form of a Q and A (question and answer)... 
I'm also going to quiz you on a few questions to see what you already know :)  So are you ready?? :D

1. Who is more complex, men or women?

Most of us women probably guessed this right ;)  It's WOMEN!  And it's not only because we just think we are, it is scientifically proven in our genetic makeup.  To put it simply, men have both X and Y chromosomes.  The Y is the inactive gene.  So their genetic instructions are only found in 1 gene.  Women just happen to have 2 X chromosomes, making us doubly complex :)  No wonder men are so much simpler than women.... ;)


Only 75% of men wash their hands after using a public restroom.  SO. GROSS.

3. Momma's Boys....

14% of 25-34 year old men live with their parents.  Come on boys, man up!

4.  Mirror, Mirror

In their lifetime, men spend an average of 6 months looking at themselves in the mirror.
How much do YOU think women spend looking at themselves?
What do you think?

5. Confidence is Key

Men grow up being self-confident because they identify with superheroes.
Women lack confidence because they grow up comparing themselves to barbie.
(I took a gender class on this, and it's completely true and very interesting).

6.  Who Feels Happier When Their Partner Says "I Love You"?

It's men!  According to Josh Ackerman of the MIT Sloan School of Management, men are the first to utter their confessions of love and feel happier than women when they hear it.

7. Who Gets Accepted into University (college) more, men or women??
What do you think??

You can tell me your answers
 by leaving comments!
 Let me know what you know about men :) 



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