DESIGN OPTIONS is a Los Angeles based trend and color forecasting company, providing trends from a west coast prespective.

Their Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2014 are now available, see below a preview. Go here to learn more about their services or contact West Coast rep, Tara Packer here. Also, if you're still in the middle of designing your collection for your Fall/Winter 2013 collection, go here for their color trends. 


Crimson shades of sweeping swell ignite circular knit patterns while adding a burst of vibrant color. Bright orange and soft pink comingle with penetrating deliberation to emphasize curvaceous contours. Provocative bravura with an edge of unremitting curiosity… Next Wave


Vivid orange and sienna shades of coastline and sand dollar saturate a canvas of unanticipated enchantment. Steel blue tones of deepest twilight inspire images of sun kissed beaches illuminated by a full moon. Visions of sand castles and an eternity of breathtaking landscapes…Sunset Beach.

    YOUNG MEN'S    

Navy and steel blue shades of tolerance and equality give added articulation to elongated lines and tailored elements. Coral and olive tones of egalitarianism and emancipation emphasize versatility while accentuating contrasting patterns.Ideas and visions of endless prosperity…American Dream.


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