Funny Twitter Things

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Let me just start out by saying....

I'm not sure If i've been living under a large rock for the past however many years, or what the deal was, but Twitter is new to me.  To be honest I used to be a bit of a hater and agree with the saying, 
"Nobody cares what you are doing every second of every day, and nobody wants to hear about it."

But I'm a new lover and Twitter enthusiast, and I've been tweeting daily! Hollaaa.

I also like just randomly scrolling down and reading other people's tweets.  It's like the Twitter form of people watching.  Which I rock at.  
Here are some of the funny tweets that I've stumbled across:

Twitter has over 65 million tweets every day.  That's about 750 tweets per second.   Soooo these are just a few of them :))  Hahaha.  But the funny ones make my day.

Here is my -Twitter link- for anyone who wants to connect with me!  It's also located on the Belle De Jour home page.

-What does everyone else think about Twitter?-  
-How often do you tweet?-



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