Belle De Jour is Now: "Lady Million"

Thank you so much for voting!  
Almost 80% of you said to go with the change.  Amazing. I would have waited to get more votes in before I switched over, but I learned from one of my awesome readers that my old blog name was actually trademarked.  So I needed to change it quick before the blog police hunted me down.  Yikes.

I'm so happy you agreed that the new name for my blog- Lady Million- is fab :)  It really does "fit" me so much better.  And my blog name is no longer about a female escort :D  
Click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about with the whole "escort" thing...

I hope everyone recognizes my new blog.  That is my one fear is that you won't know who you're following anymore.  It may say "Belle De Jour" until the final name changes are set in stone... But it's still me just with the name "Lady Million".
 Everything else is the same except my button (which I don't think anyone has yet anyway) and of course my header. 

Thank you again
Let me know what you think!


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