Fact: You Only Live Once

Hello Dolls :)  
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I wanted to share with you a little bit more about my life through a few pictures so you can get to know me maybe a liiiitle bit better.  Cool right?!   I hope you love it.

So this is me :)  Welcome to my blog!


I already told you about my boyfriend (Adam) in my first post.... So I wanted to introduce you to a few other incredibly important people in my life- my nephew Jayden and my sister, Autumn.  Couldn't live without them.  *tearing up*  :)

I'm incredibly girly and love anything to do with fashion, hair, makeup, jewelry and perfume.  (Extra emphasis on that last one... I have a bit of a problem.)  Oops.

I love to travel!  My two favorite vacations have been the Cayman Islands (left) and Hawaii (right).  Both were the most beautiful places you can imagine.  Can't wait to see more places!  

I'm wondering where my next destination should be.... Where are all the cool places?!

With Love,

Miss Katie K


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