Don't Forget to Take Off Your__________


Taking off all that make up is literally the best think you can do for your complexion.
But if you're anything like me, you're so incredibly lazy at night and fail to do it most of the time....
UNLESS it takes about 20 seconds and very little effort.
But did you know...
Every night that you don't take off your makeup, you VISIBLY age about 13 days?  AWFUL.

If you leave your makeup on at night you will..
1. Have black smears all over your eyes and wake up looking like a raccoon.  Not sexy. 
2. Potentially get makeup in your eyes that can cause an infection. 
3. Probably end up breaking out in zits because your pores get clogged.  Also not sexy.

So you should probably find something you know you will use.
Every.  Night.

I'm sure there are billions of magical makeup removers out there.
I used to use this one:

What is it you may ask?
It is NARS makeup removing "water".  And it is fantastic.  Francois Nars himself created it for the runway, because it literally takes your whole face off with one clean swipe.  It also has cucumber and a few other things in it which makes your skin feel cleaner than.... anything.
But the downside?  THE PRICE.  I had to find something a little cheaper.  But I sure do miss it  :(

If you happen to be a little price sensitive at the moment, like myself....
you may want to try this:
It does the same thing and won't cost a fortune. 
BINGO.  Katie now takes off her makeup.
My one complaint about it?   It kind of sucks with taking off eye makeup.  So I may need something a little stronger for that....

My point to this whole rant?  
Wash your face!  
That is all :)  Happy Tuesday everyone!


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