What I Wore | Vintage Tee and Maxi Skirt

Top: Forever21
Sold Out Online :(
Found HERE.
Belt: Forever21
Similar one found HERE.

Hi everyone!  So, the weather has been a little confused lately.  Sometimes it's hot, sometimes cold.  Sometimes both in the same day.  Like Saturday for example.  
I had a graduation party to attend that was held outside, as most graduation parties are.  Weather was calling for upper 60's and partly sunny.  One of those forecasts that makes it nearly impossible to find something cute to wear without being too hot or too cold.

I settled for this vintage tee that reads "Wherefore Art Thou" from Forever21 and a pink maxi skirt from a cute shop called Windsor.  I'd say this outfit falls nicely into the 'Boho Chic' category.

Unfortunately the tee is no longer on the Forever21 site and when googles, it says it's sold out :(  So sorry about that.  But there are dozens of others that could be paired with this skirt to achieve the same look.  Hope you like it!!


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