Get Yo Runway-Ready Eyebrows!

Heyooo my gorgeous bloggers.  
I'm dedicating today's post to ( my opinion) one of the most important features of the face and the part that takes some major tender loving care....
Excited?  I know you are.

We all want the perfect brow, but they can be such a pain in the you-know-what.  What shape is right for your face?  How thick should they be?  Should I wax, tweeze, or just take a hedge trimmer to them... (don't do that).

That being said, I want to start by answering the question, 
"Is one eyebrow shape better than the other?"

YES. It truly it. And it all depends on the shape of your face.
So ladies, here's what we're gonna do: 

1. Find out what your face shape is.
 Because if you don't know the shape of your face, you can't possibly determine the shape of your perfect brow.
There are 6 basic face shapes:

Got an idea?

Perfect.  Now I can tell you...

2. Which Shape is Best?

Oval:  You lucky little devils are considered to have the "ideal" shape.  Yahoo :)  Go for the soft angled brow like so:

Who are your celebrity eyebrow look alikes?  
Jennifer Aniston
Vanessa Williams
Britney Spears

Round:   You want to make your face appear just a tad longer by creating a high arched brow.  Do NOT do the permanent "Oh my GOD" face.  You all know what I'm talking about.  DO consider this look:

Your celeb look alikes: 
Jennifer Aniston
Vanessa Williams
Britney Spears

Long:   To make a long face appear a little shorter, try a flat brow!

Your celeb look alikes are:
Jessica Alba
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Square:   If you have a square face, you probably have a very strong jaw.  No worries, it's a good thing.  However, you need to balance that jaw with some curves on top... hahah :) Okay I'm talking about your eyebrows girls.  Angled brows will create this balance.

The stunning celebrities that look just like you??
Cameron Diaz
Marilyn Monroe (love her..)
Christina Aguilara

Heart:   Try softening your look with some rounded brows!  The curve will be feminine and chic.

Your celebrity look alikes:
Gwyneth Paltrow
Heather Locklear
Jennifer Lopez

Triangle:   You girls will want to make the angles of your face look less harsh with the curved brow just like this:

You look just like these ladies:
Halle Berry
Salma Hayek

I believe I have a mix between oval and heart:
So I go for a soft arch.

I hope this was helpful!  
Happy Thursday, lover dolls :)


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