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1. What is Your Favorite Beauty Product That You Own?

I have two- my NARS lipliner and my Make up Forever concealer

2. What Was the Hardest Product to Get Your Hands on?

I'm still trying to get it, but the M.A.C. Viva Glam- Lady Gaga lipstick in the nude shade

3. What Are Your Favorite Clothing Brands?

Forever 21, Express, Wet Seal, and Francesca's Boutique

4. What is One Product that You Won't go Without?

A fabulous perfume :)  Most of the time Chanel.

5. Are you a Nail Polish Junkie and What is Your Favorite Shade right now?

I am truly not- I prefer to get acrylics and be done with it but I LOVE Sephora's new color of the year- Tangerine 

6. What Best Describes Your Makeup Look Best?

Fresh and defined

7. What's your Best Beauty Tip that's Worked for You?

Using bronzer in the correct places.  It makes all the difference.

8. Are you a Drug Store of High-End Person?

For most things- high end.  I love Sephora.
But for a few other things (eye liner and chapstick) I head to Walgreens.

9. What is the One Drug Store Item that Tops High End?

Anything Burts Bees

10. What's Your Favorite Food?

Too many to count, but I love anything Italian

11. What's Your Favorite Hairstyle Right Now?

Big, sexy, curls or a cute low ponytail


Miss Katie K


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