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HELLOOOOO. Think of Mrs. Doubtfire when you say that one.  I do.  10 times more fun now, eh?
Today is a great day for two reasons. 
1.  It's dad-day.  Congrats to all you fabulous dads out there!  You da bomb.
2. It's Sunday-Social time.  Boo yah.  If you missed the first one, find it here.  These link-ups are seriously fun, and you'll have a good time.

1. Favorite Movie of All Time?
When it comes to movies there are a few things I require for it to be "good" in my mind.
It needs suspense.
It needs some action.
It needs a twist.
And it needs a fan-freakin'-tastic ending that completely blows my mind.
That's not asking for too much, right? Right.
So my choice will have to be Taken starring Liam Niessan.  
Favorite actor of all time.

2. Favorite Movie Quote?
"It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!"- Despicable Me

"I swear, I'm so pissed off at my mom.  As soon as she's of age, I'm putting her in a home."- Stepbrothers

"To a night we'll never remember, but the four of us will never forget."- The Hangover

3. Best Movie to Watch on a Girl's Night in?
Friends with Benefits.  
Hands. Down.

4. Best Breakup Movie
Anything girly that makes the man look like an asshole.
Like The Breakup.  How fitting :)

5. Favorite Celeb Eye Candy?
Ryan Gosling.  
But not because I find him THAT attractive. 
It's his charisma.  He's so intriguing and romantic.
The Notebook sucked me right in.

6. Which Movie-Star's Closet Would you Like to Raid?
I really hate to do it and use the one that EVERYONE else is going to use....
But it's the truth. 
Kim Kardashian.
She's not a movie-star.  But still.
I really do love almost every piece of clothing she wears.  The girl has style.
Or a good stylist.  

That's all for now blog dolls.  Enjoy your Sunday Funday!
Me and Mr. Shocktop Raspberry Wheat are going to have a GREAT day ;)


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