Brown-Eyed Girls

...........4 Makeup Tricks for Brown Eyes........
I constantly complain about having brown eyes.  
However.... Brown eyes are beautiful, too.

1.  Make 'em pop with some metallic tones. Gold and bronze shades work especially well with any shade of brown.

2. Neutral colors- try a few different shades of taupes and peaches (two of my favorite colors).  If you're not big into shadows, eyeliner in these colors works as well.

3.  White Eyeliner.  To me, this is an amazing beauty secret that not many take advantage of.   Applying white liner to the lower water line makes your eyes appear bigger, and gives a contrast that makes your brown beauties pop.

4.  Under Eye Concealer.  Have brown eyes and a problem with dark circles?  Apply some concealer and blend, blend, blend!  

Be proud of your big ol' browns.


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