Good News

My eye is no longer swollen from having dried makeup scratch the shat out of it.
I bought the NARS makeup remover to solve the aforementioned problem.  And because I wanted it.
Technically, the first day of summer is tomorrow.  Boo yah.
Adam and I actually took a picture together.  Although both of our hair is ridiculous.  
I expanded my collection of Starbucks coffee cups.  See photo above.
It finally rained.
I'm doing my first guest-post on July 10th-- Stay tuned!
Despicable Me 2 comes out in 1 year, 1 week, and 1 day from today... But who's counting.
I officially bought the Essie nail polish in Sand Tropez.  Yahoo :)
Emily finally gave Ryan the boot last night.  #bachelorettefan
I'm officially "well-known" at my local Sephora.  I personally consider this an accomplishment.
There's a big ol' 7 next to my name at work.  Nobody but me knows what that means.
Trust me.  It's good.

So people... What's your good news?!


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