Calling All Rihanna Lovers!

Sooo... Anyone else lovin' this lovely lady as much as I am?  I mean seriously.  She's so darn cute.  And I just feel the need to blog about that fact because of my obvious and well-deserved admiration for her.  Can't I just pretty please with cherries on top be her?  The "her" being Rihanna of course.  Like, duh.
On this Sunday Funday, I'd rather tell you about her life and gush about how much I totally love her than tell you about mine.  So... Did You Know...

Her real name?  Annyy guesses?  It's ROBYN.  AHAH.  So she IS a normal person.  Rihanna happens to be her middle name.  Who woulda thunk?!  I'm gonna have people start calling me "Ann".
Maybe not.  Doesn't really have the same effect.  Touche Rihanna.

Where she is from? Oh just your every-day place called Saint Michael, BARBADOS.  I would give my left foot to be born here.  She said she used to go to the beach with her two brothers every day.  Not. Fair.

Her First Number One Hit?  I had NO idea what this one was.  I couldn't think back through all of her amazing songs to the first one.  But the answer?   S.O.S. (Rescue Me).

She's incredibly picky when it comes to food.  She refuses to eat Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, or Indian food and hates vegetables.  

She currently has 13 tattoos.   The most recent one is on her right clavicle and it reads "Never a failure always a lesson". Best part? It's backwards so when she looks in the mirror she can read it.  I sure hope she can because from this blurry picture that I discovered, it could say anything.  Like maybe "Katie you're the bomb."  Perhaps.

So Rihanna, in your own words: "You da one." 
Stay classy.

Where are all my Rihanna fans out there?  
Holla atcha girl.


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