A New M.A.C. Lipstick: "Hot Tahiti"

M.A.C. Hot Tahiti Lipstick

I have a gorgeous lipstick to show you!  It's from M.A.C. and it's called "Hot Tahiti".  It may not be new, but it's new to me!  I was looking for a winter red, that wasn't quiet SO red.  This shade looks cranberry-ish, and it's a glaze so it is not wham, bam in your face bright.

If you're looking for something similar I urge everyone to test this one out.. right now.  It is so perfect for Christmas I can't even stand it.  

And just an FYI, I am completely snowed in today.  Wisconsin is in the middle of a huge blizzard, and I just so happen to be in that 12-18 inches of snow range.  That's a lot of snow.  So I'm stuck at home cuddling with my main squeeze, drinking hot chocolate, and watching movies today....
Not too shabby ;)

Have a good Thursday! x x


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