I Plan WAY Ahead...

How's it going my gorgeous blog friends?
What a be-you-ti-ful Wednesday morning.  Best part?
Getting to sleep in until whenever I feel like waking up.
While laying in my extra-comfy "You Should Be Up By Now" bed this morning, I was thinking that... It's June.
Wow.  Way to state the obvious, Katie.  But wait, I promise there is more.
Around these parts, the lovely month of June is known for a few things.
Like June bugs.  Ew.  Completely gross and irrelevant to the topic at hand.
More importantly, June marks the beginning of Wedding Season!
Yahoo :)  Get your tissues and champagne flutes ready ladies.  The weddings are comin' in hot this year.
I'm totally really feelin' the wedding fever, especially since I have a handful of friends getting married this summer.  I, on the other hand, am in NO way ready to be married quite yet (Adam, gimme a few years) but what girl doesn't love to dream of the "half-million dollar event that she will most likely never experience and end up settling for a bit less" wedding.
Planning my wedding is going to be one of those times when I really hate my expensive taste.  But if I had it my way, my wedding would turn out something like this:

The theme will undoubtedly be Black & White.  

I'll be wearing the most gorgeous (non-blurry) ring known to mankind (that I have already made Adam completely aware of in our numerous window shopping experiences).
His is the bottom one :)

Calla Lilies and candles will be everywhere.
Hello fire hazard.

I'll have the most beautiful princess dress with a corset top and an overload of lace.
With pretty hair that looks like it took weeks to do.  Better start now.

And the perfect photo balance between ridiculousness and romance.

I'd also like a reception hall overlooking the lake and big enough to seat 500, an open bar (duh), and a nice pair of Chanel pearl shoes to wear.  
Soo I would would kind of like, if possible, the perfect wedding.
I mean, I really don't think this is asking for too much.
As long as I keep it in the $300,000 range....
HAH.  Joke.  But seriously....

Tell me about your dream weddings!


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