Tips For Sponsoring A Blog!

So you wanna sponsor a blog, huh?  Well guess what.... ME TOO.
I wanted to do this post because it seems like everyone and their mother is doing some type of sponsorship on their blog.  It could be a swap, or perhaps an attractive giveaway.  It may be free or paid.  It could be really expensive or dirt cheap.  I've been seriously considering sponsoring blogs... THIS ONE, in particular.  Because she rocks.
I've done my research and it seems that there are a few things to keep an eye out for when deciding if you should sponsor a blog.  Here's what I've learned about successful sponsorship.

1. Your Audience.  Who are they?  Are they DIY-ers? Bikers? Cupcake enthusiasts?  Find out who they are and sponsor a blog that fits with your own. Write about what you love and nothing else.  And I mean nothing.

2.  Choose a few, Fan-freakin'-Tastic Blogs.  Know the blog you are sponsoring, inside and out.  Do they post high-quality material?  Do their pictures make you swoon?  Just because a blog has 10,000 followers does NOT mean that they are the blog for you.  In this case, size doesn't matter.  Pick the ones that you can relate to and connect with.  They will be the ones to bring you the most success.

3.  Touch-up Your Own Blog.  Does your blog need a little face-lift before it's put on display?  Go through every link, page, and picture.  Make sure it's fully functional and ready to rock-n'-roll people.  Basically, give your blog a quick makeover.  

4. THE BUTTON! It's SO important.  Why?  Because it gets your blog seen!  Think of it this way.  You have a few hundred readers that see your blog.  You put your blog button on another blog that has a completely different couple hundred readers.  You now doubled your audience.  You then find another amazeballs blog to put your button on with a different couple hundred readers than the first..... see where I'm going with this?  
Cool button=more potential readers.  

P.S. I've had a request to do a post about creating a button.  I haven't forgotten :)  It's coming.

5. Budget.  To be completely honest, the only reason I haven't done a few sponsorships so far is because, whelp, I'm a college kid.  Meaning I have little money to spend on my blog.  One thing I like about blogging is that it's my free entertainment.  I REALLLY like that aspect of it.  Sponsoring can get expensive.  Or maybe not... there are a lot of blogs out there that are willing to do free swaps.  Take mine for example :) Look HERE for that.  But I figure if I set aside a certain small amount to sponsor a blog or two every month, it shouldn't be too bad.  So that is my suggestion.

                                                                            6.Keep in Contact.  Tweet about your sponsors.  Send emails back and forth.  Let them know who you are/what you look like/what you're all about girl!  Trust me, they like you.  You paid them to be on their blog! They recognize it and are grateful. 

These are the things that I truly agree with and will attempt to follow if I ever decide to sponsor a blog.
Shoot, I've never even done it, so how about a few tips from those who have?

Let's have em!  Tips/Advice/Experience with sponsorships?


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