Sephora... or Walgreens?!

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The first post I did on this topic was pretttty popular, so I said I would do somewhat of a series of different products to compare.  If you missed the first one, you can find that baby here to catch up.

SEPHORA vs Walgreens
Edition 2 --- brushes

Today I want to compare professional makeup brushes to generic drugstore brushes.
Luckily, I actually did buy these brushes from Sephora and Walgreens.  But the comparison works for any professional brush (like Sigma) to non-professional brushes.  They don't necessarily have to be from these specific stores.

Sephora Classic Brow Brush

This brush works GREAT. I just bought it along with the Smashbox brow tech to create the perfect eyebrows.  Love them both.  The brush can be purchased here for only $10 dollars.  What. A. Deal.

Walgreens Concealer Brush

Soooo as you can see.... it's broken.  So I think that kind of foreshadows what my choice in brushes would be.
But if you want me to actually say it, the winner is SEPHORA!
I have been so incredibly frustrated with my cheap-o brushes and have slowly bought more professional brushes to replace them, including 2 Smashbox brushes and a Studio Gear brush from Ulta beauty.  They are all great.  
From my experience, drugstore brushes tend to break (see photos above for proof) and leave those obnoxious little hairs all over my face.  
From what I've heard, Sigma brushes are the go-to brush now-a-days.  They're a little bit cheaper than most other brushes, and are great quality.  Check out the website here!  The ONLY thing I don't like about Sigma is that they aren't in stores so they have to be ordered online.  Bleh.  People with no patience do not do well waiting for packages to arrive.  Especially makeup packages.

Whelp, that about wraps things up.  Wait, don't let me forget to mention that I'm doin' a blog hop, and you should too!  Check this one out:

What experience have you had with makeup brushes??


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