As Requested: How to Get Big, Sexy Hair.

"That's why her hair is so big.... it's full of secrets."
Mean Girls reference right there for those who didn't catch on :)  I hope you fully appreciated that.
This post is all about hair care.  I usually get quite a few comments and questions as to how I do my hair and how I keep it so full-looking.  

Well ladies, it starts with good hair-care.  And the ONLY products I've decided are allowed to touch my hair come from the infamous.........AVEDA.  I also only go to Aveda-concept salons. #picky

Aveda hair products are quite pricey, but they are absolutely without-a-doubt amazing professional products.  They're very natural, and leave you smelling like you just left the salon.  I'm not even kidding with this.  You know how after you get your hair done, you can't stop smelling your hair for like 5 hours afterward?  That's what Aveda does.  I sprayed some of my Aveda hair spray one day, and my boyfriend walked in my apartment and asked if I just got my hair done.  No sir, it's just Aveda :)

Here are some of the products that I use.  From left to right:

Aveda Confixor: this is a liquid gel that I use after I shower when my hair is still damp.  It adds a little extra hold for styling.  $18

Control Force hairspray:  this has amazing hold.  It's great for keeping hair in place.  $26

Air Control hairspray:  not amazing hold.  But amazing SMELL.  Spray this for salon-smelling hair.

Color Control conditioner:  I color my hair once in a while, and this is great for keeping the color.  It's not too heavy if you have fine hair, like mine.  $18

Brilliant shampoo:  in my opinion, this is the best-smelling shampoo around.  It's a great clarifying shampoo and will leave your hair incredibly shiny.  $15.50

There you have it.... this is what I use on my hair.
Does anyone else use Aveda products?


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