M.A.C. to Launch Marilyn Monroe Collection!

Breaking news my beauty blogging dolls.
Well, it's breaking to me anyway.  Sorry I'm not sorry if I'm telling old news.  
If you didn't know... 

M.A.C. is launching a Marilyn Monroe collection!  Does that blow your skirt up or what?!  
The down side of this is that it won't be released until October.   
Um, I'm sorry, WHAT?!  That's FOUR months away.  You can't just tell a girl this kind of news and then say, "Oh but you can't have it yet."  Or someone could get hurt.

The line will be offering about 30 different products ranging from $15 - $27 and will feature eyeshadows, eyeliners, nail polish, and wait for it.... lipstick.  Think retro red and bright pinks.  

I hope ya'll are as excited about this as I am.  To wrap it up, I'm going to do one short and sweet Friday letter:

Dear my parents boat, I hope you don't mind that I plant my soon-to-be freshly-tanned butt right on your scorching hot seats all weekend.  I'll be taking you to the sandbars, drinking many cocktails, and probably be doing something similar to this:


Happy Friday!


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