My Top 5 Brushes

Hi everyone!  I'm gonna jump right into this post and say that my philosophy on brushes is this:  If you are going to spend a fortune on makeup, you best buy good brushes to apply it with so your really pretty makeup doesn't end up looking really... shitty. Your face is too pretty for that.  So invest.
But here we go with my top 5 favorite brushes ever (in no particular order).  Check them out!

#1: Sephora #56 Pro Flawless Airbrush
I use this every day for my Laura Mercier liquid foundation.  It feels amazing on your skin.  The hairs are incredibly soft and are of great quality.  This brush is similar to a stipling brush, except the sides are rounded giving a flawless finish.  It's fantastic.  Dollskin quality :)

 #2:  Sigma E55 Eye Shader
This brush works really well for eye shadow.  The hairs are a great length, and feel pretty stiff, meaning you'll get a good amount of shadow on the brush.  It works great for a smokey eye.  Plus, you cannot beat the price of these brushes.  I pretty much use this brush for every shadow I own.  Sad, I know.  But I like it!

#3: Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I discovered Real Techniques brushes at Alta a few months ago.  I cannot believe how good they are.  Professional brushes should not be this cheap (averaging $5-$6 per brush).  This is the brush I use for contouring.  It fits kind of perfectly in the hollow of your cheeks and picks up the perfect amount of bronzer.  I think you could use this for a variety of purposes, but I stick with bronzer.  So there.

#4: Real Techniques Blush Brush
Sticking with Real Techniques, please allow me to introduce you to the most amazing blush brush.  Like ever.  It picks up the perfect amount of blush and all you have to do is apply it lightly to the apple of your cheeks.  Honestly, even if you screwed up and harshly dragged it across your face (which I do not recommend) it probably wouldn't look that bad because this brush is so fluffy.  It's perfection, I tell you.  Perfection. 

#5: Sephora Angled Brow Brush
Say hello to perfect eyebrows.  And I'm not even kidding.
I get so many comments on my eyebrows and I am sure it is due to using this brush with the Smashbox Brow Tech Trio.  I'm a huge fan of powder over pencils for brows, as I just feel that it gives a much more natural look.  Loves it.

Although it was hard to pick only 5, these have to be my weeners.  
I mean winners.

Happy Sunday, dolls! xo


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