I Must Have Been a Good Girl This Year..

Hi all!  I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!  Going back to work yesterday was so hard.  But then I have today off so I can't complain too much :)
I wanted to pop in to show you just a couple of the gifts I got this year!  I think you'll find one of them especially interesting...
Sperry Top Sider Shoes

#1- Gold Sperrys
I'm probably the last girl on earth to get a pair, but I had to have these exact ones, and they were not easy to find.  As soon as a store got a shipment in, they were gone within a few days.  But my boyfriend finally got his hands on a pair, and I love them.  Not like, LOVE.

Aura Spa Brochure
#2- A Spa Day
I'm so thankful for this.  I cannot wait to use it.  Supposedly it's an amazing spa (and it better be for the price.)  Woofta.  I must have a really wonderful boyfriend ;)

#3- Gifts Cards
People must know I like these or something?  I got so many.  To me, they are as good as gold :)

#5- ?????
This is the one that I think you'll find to be really cool, but it takes some explaining so read on, friends.  

Does anyone remember these things from when they were a kid?You put these small disks in the top and look through the eye holes, and there were pictures inside.  I got one of these babies for Christmas!  Only here's the cool part.......

My disk is loaded with really cute pictures of Adam (my boyfriend) and I!  How cool right!  So when you look through the eye holes you see.............

All of the pictures of us :)  It's like a mini-scrapbook with a twist.  I thought this was such a creative gift, and I always appreciate when someone goes out of their way to put together a really cool gift for me.  Thanks again Jeremy and Kassandra.

If any of you are wondering, it's called Image 3D.  It was found on pinterest, and you can google it to find the website.  Such a cool gift.

I hope you all got everything you wanted this year!!

Speaking of that....  
What did you get?!


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