Sorry Heels, The Mud is More Fun.

Man.  Who DOESN'T love a good ol' summer wedding.  They are the bees knees and something I look forward to every year.
2012 did not disappoint.

Wedding #1 (Top picture) was for my boyfriend's uncle.  The picture is blurry because it was taken with a BlackBerry.  My apologies.
The little stinkers in the picture are his little nephews.  We just love them.
Adam and I played it classy and decided to be 15 minutes late to the ceremony, resulting in us not sitting with the rest of the Schubert crew.  Oops.  But at least we looked good :D
HOWEVER... we ended up scoring a fabulous seat on a couch in the back of the church with  a dynamite view.  I'd say we came out ahead.  Point for us.

Wedding #2 (Bottom picture) was for my dear friend Tori.
Some of you... not all, but some... may be wondering why there is a picture of two muddy feet here?
That would be because Wisconsin decided to storm on my poor friend's wedding.  THE NERVE.
She had the most beautiful setup, with the ceremony taking place on a golf course with walls of greenery in the background and a huge fountain to the side.   The poor girl had to be ran down the isle by her dad as it was literally pouring outside.

The reception was located at the top of a hill in a white tent.  A mud-filled tent.... hence the reason I am not in my fabulous heels and sporting my muddy tootsies.  Best thing about that picture =  my friend Abby's little toe stickin' out there on the right :)  That guy makes me giggle every time.
Honestly, the mud and rain didn't ruin anyone's night.  We all still slipped and slided all over the dance floor, enjoyed the firework show, and saw way too many naked people in the photo booth.
So overall.... it rocked.

Any interesting wedding stories lately?
Let's hear 'em.


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