This Foundation is Perfect. And Sounds like a Video Game.

Meet "Matchmaster".
Told you it sounded like a video game.  Come on M.A.C. Let's NOT give your products nerdy titles.
But I can't knock it too much.  Because as much as I loved the MUFE matte foundation, I adore this little guy even more.
Just a side note, MUFE stands for Make Up For Ever.  
Back to M.A.C.  Let's describe her.

Looking for a foundation that does the job of a "full" but is in actuality like a "medium"?  Want to be perfectly photo-ready and not have to cake on a 3-inch layer of foundation?  Well look no more, girls.  This is it.  It's a bit lighter than a full coverage foundation (in my opinion) but covers any and all imperfections. 

Expect an incredibly smooth and fluid application.  I had problems with my previous foundation when it came to spreading it on evenly.  And yes girls, I did try that little dot trick.  It still didn't work.  Matchmaster spreads like a dream and gives an even, tone-correcting finish.

I ALWAYS look for a mattifying foundation.  It's what first attracted me to the MUFE foundation.  My skin gets shiny as the day goes on and I believe a big contributor to that problem was the heaviness of such a thick foundation.  I've mentioned in previous posts that the heavier the foundation, the more it clogs your pores.  Clogged pores lead to even more oil production.  This is not good.  We want non-greasy skin.  Therefore, we want Matchmaster.  Because it's a bit lighter of a formula (less pore clogging) and gives a matte finish.  Yahoo!

The Deets:
Price: $33.00
Size: 1.18 oz
Where it's found: Any M.A.C. counter or online HERE.
What I love about it: 
  • The amount you get for the price
  • Matte finish
  • The pump applicator, which does not pump out too much
  • A bit lighter than a cakey full-coverage
  • The overall appearance of the bottle

Give it a go, beauty queens.  
You won't be sad you did.


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