My Blog Got New Makeup

I hope you love it as much as I do.
The colors pop a little more than my old design and it's a little more "me."  There are a few things I have yet to finish (pages in the nav-bar and other random things that will be done by tonight.)  I'm also aware that my "contact me" form is acting up again so I'll be removing that and giving you my direct email.
But here's the exciting part.....

If there is interest, I'm thinking about starting to do a few DIY tutorials about 
So if there are any of you out there that would love a new design but don't want to pay $200 dollars for it, stay tuned.  You get to reep the benefits of my HOURS spent googling and pulling my hair out trying to figure things out.  This re-design went a little quicker because I actually feel I somewhat know the basics.  
I can teach you how to do sweet things like this:

And a lot more.

I firmly believe that if you are not happy with something, CHANGE IT.  
You will be happy you did.  
Hope you like the new look of Lady Million!


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