Heaven For Your Arm Pits

Arm pits.  Not the sexiest of body parts.  But being the fabulous women that we are, we need to remember that there is more to beauty and hygiene than lipstick and nail polish.  There's that stuff that's considered taboo by some women, and they will ignore those subjects.  Lucky for you, I'm not one of those.  But for this post, I'll keep it PG. 
If you're anything like me, ya want your under arms to be soft, pretty, and smellin' like roses.
I just bought this Secret Outlast deoderant from Walmart for less than $4.00 and I am SO in love.  
For more detail, look HERE.

I don't usually sweat a ton throughout the day, so if you're looking for something extra-strength to stop massive sweating I'm not sure this is right for you.  However, if you just need something to keep you smelling pretty all day long, you'll love this one.
My favorite part is that there is Olay included in the formula, which is a really popular brand of lotion.  It feels smooth and holds the amazing smell throughout the day.  It's also NOT a gel, which I can't stand.  WIN
Pretty arm pits = A happy Katie.

For the price, this is definitely the best Deo for your B.O.  


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