I Don't Normally Do This

"This" being...
I think that's what this is called.  And I'm assuming that stands for Nail of The Day?  Just going out on a limb on that one. 
I'm not really a nail girl.  I actually prefer to just get acrylics done at the salon.
But I do love me some Essie.  Best nail polish around if you ask me.  
The colors...
"A Crewed Interest" (left) and "Set in Stones" (right).
I think my favorite part about Essie is the creative names they come up with.  Seriously.  Head to Walgreens and just check out some of the names they came up with.
Cracks.  Me. Up.
The glitter will look good with any color you choose.  I'm obsessed with mine.  Stared at them all day at work.  Must be the sparkles....
So get crackin' and give these colors a whirl.


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