Toes in the Water, "You-know-whats" In the Sand..

One day deep and I'm already sick of being back to work.  
4th of July.... You are such a tease.  You got me all excited and then BAM.  Gone.  
I did have a good time though so I hope you come back real soon.
As promised, I sat on my boat drinking beer and eating cheese.  'Cause I'm from Wisconsin and that's just how we roll.  
I also went shopping with my mom, who offered to buy me clothes and I turned her down.  WHO AM I.  Honestly.  Getting old and responsible is for the birds.
Monday and Tuesday I worked my little tushy off.  I also missed my boy-toy as he was gone fishin' for 3 days.  But he left me a little surprise in the shower to keep me company... :D  For those that are thinking something dirty.... I hate to disappoint but it was a package of Hershey's Hugs and Kisses with a little note that read..
"For the hugs and kisses we will miss out on while I'm gone!"  
He melts my heart.  He also brought me back two jars of corn salsa from up North  (us Wisconsinites also like our corn).

Stupid Weather
But speaking of melting..... 102 degrees and 90% humidity Wisconsin?!  Come on.  That's too stinkin' hot for this state and you know it.  So get your act together so we can all stop complaining.  Please and thank you.

Last order of business: I finally caved and bought a Scentsy candle warmer.  Have no idea what that is? Basically it's a flameless candle that plugs into the wall.  It uses a light bulb to heat the wax and release the beautiful smells into your home.  For candle-obsessed women like myself, this is a God send.  I highly suggest you check it out.  It's the bees-knees.
Here are some pictures for a visual.

1. My hair is a hot mess in those boating pictures.  That's just what happens at the sandbars.
2. That pink toy is not what you're thinking it is.  Okay, it's not what I would be thinking it is if I saw that picture.  It's pepper-spray.  My sweet mother sent it home with me since I was going to be alone for a few days.  She's such a gem.
3. I realize the corn salsa looks repulsive.  Trust me.  It's good.

Hope everyone had a great 4th!  
And once again, happy birthday 'Merica.


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