So.. Who Wants White Teeth?

Happy Thursday pretty ladies.
If I had one piece of advice to give you today it would be "Keep calm.  Tomorrow's Friday!"
I must be riding the struggle bus today when it comes to blogging.  I couldn't think of what to write.
I guess they'd call that Blogger's Block?
No worries.  Eventually I did come up with something.  I'm actually surprised I haven't blogged about this topic yet.  Super white teeth is somewhat of a hobby obsession of mine lately.
That's because you can primp and pamper until you turn blue in the face, but having white teeth is an instant and drastic improvement in your appearance.  And it's something that I think everyone wants.
But DAMN it is expensive!  I find myself scowling whenever I'm in Walmart looking at the whitening strips/gels/trays/sprays and whatever else there is.  It's a pain.  It's expensive.  And sometimes it hurts.
I guess this takes us back to the phrase, "No pain, no gain."

Solution: Do it yo' self.  
There are so many at-home recipes you can try.  Some involve lemons and other crazy weird things that they tell you to smash all over your teeth.  Maybe lemons work.  But from what I know, lemons are incredibly acidic.  And that just doesn't sound right to me.  I picture in my head little bubbles forming and acid eating through my teeth until I have none left.  NOT. CUTE.
So I wanted to come up with something that I thought would be cheap and effective.  My teeth-whitening recipe is this:
1. Baking Soda
2. Hydrogen Peroxide

Reasoning: These ingredients make sense.  Why?  Because baking soda is a well-known whitening agent.  It is used to remove stains from almost anything.  It's also used in tooth paste because some tooth scientist out there figured out that it whitens teeth a long time before I did.  So it must work.
Also, hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in almost ALL whitening formulas.  Seriously.  Look on the back of your Crest White Strips.  Or your whitening rinse.  I bet my bottom dollar that you'll see Hydrogen Peroxide in there somewhere.  And that's because it's used to whiten, and it works.  It's also dirt-cheap.  Holla.

Directions: Mix a small amount of both of the ingredients together in a bowl until it forms a thick paste.  Then use a q-tip and cover your teeth with the paste.  That's it!  Just let it sit there for a while.  Do this multiple times and you will see results.
Warning:  Don't get it on your tongue.  Or anywhere other than your teeth.   It tastes like ass.  

I also use a Crest 3D whitening toothpaste followed by the 3D whitening rinse. 
There are literally oodles of at-home whitening strategies.  Maybe they work.  Maybe they don't and we just think they do so we keep doing it.  I'm gonna go with that they do work because it makes me happier.  And it's worth a shot.  
White teeth are happy teeth.  And a happy Katie.  

What also would make me happy is if you shared your toof-whitening secrets with me.  
What have your experiences been?

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