How to Fight the Summer Greasy-Face...

Let's go with a summer theme and come right out and say "Your makeup is flawless when" .... 
It's not melting off your face!  
That's an obvious one.  Duh.
But it can be a tough outcome to achieve.  Especially when with this weather I've been having. Check HERE to hear about that one.
I've decided to do my research and come up with a few of the best ways that I've heard of/experienced to fight greasy-face syndrome and actually KEEP the makeup that you put on in the morning.  Feel free to chime in at any time if you have any input.  I guess this would involve leaving comments below.  Yep.  That'll work.

1.  It starts with good SKIN CARE.  I personally don't break out (thank Gawd), so I usually don't feel the need to use a wash that prevents zits and breakouts.  But for Summer... that is WRONG.  Find a face wash that has 2% salicylic acid to break down oil on your skin.   I also use Clinique Toner for oily skin before I apply any makeup, which tends to remove any excess oil. 

2. Cut back on the Foundation. Foundation clogs pores and therefore creates more oil on your skin.  This sucks.  I love my foundation and the matte finish it gives my face.  So this rule really chaps my ass.  However, there is a good great alternative.  BB Cream!  I actually tried one of the ones I've heard good reviews about, which was the Garnier BB cream.  I ended up returning it.  Why you may ask?  It did nothing for me.  No skin-perfecting.  No brightening.  No nothing.  But I DO like the one that Smashbox makes.  It's a little thicker and works better for my skin.  It also has way more color choices to give you the best match.   It can be found HERE if you're interested.

3.  Careful what you EAT.  I know.  That's something nobody wants to hear.  Including me.  But spicy foods and cocktails dilate blood vessels and cause you to s-w-e-a-t.  NOT GOOD for what we're trying to achieve here.  Foods like carrots and spinach can actually slow oil-production.  So head in that direction.

4. MAINTENANCE.  One of the worst things about summer is going into the bathroom after a long day and seeing your face looking like a grease-monkey.  It's just not attractive.  And it's not the way you remember your face looking when you first left the house, am I right?  If you have a face like mine, it requires a little mid-day maintenance to keep it lookin' fresh.   A couple years ago I found these neat little things called oil blotting sheets.  Ever heard of 'em?  If not, these babies are fantastic.  All you have to do, is pull out one of the little blue sheets, and dab it on the oily areas.  It's great at pulling out oils and leaving on makeup.  Perfect.  Love 'em.  And tons of brands have them.

5.  Try some SETTING SPRAY.  I've tried the one the M.A.C. but I've heard better things about the one from Urban Decay.  It's called "All Nighter" and from it's reputation, it's name is quite fitting.  Spray this stuff on before you go out and your face will last as long as you do.  There is also one available for oily skin, if you choose to go that route.

6.  Don't forget your SUNSCREEN!  It may seem oily, and you may think it will make the problem worse.  But you, my friend, would be wrong.  You have to use sunscreen.  If you want, you can find one specifically for your skin-type.  They do exist.  Or one that is included in a daily moisturizer.  I use Clinique Redness Solutions with SPF 15 in my morning routine.

As mentioned before, if you have anything to add, PLEASE DO.
No one wants to be greasy.  So share the love.


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