We Must Have This.

My Must-Have List is getting longer.  And longer.  And longer.
Anyone else have this problem?  
Good grief.  The problem that I have and the root of my whiny-ness is that everything I need has to be so frackin' expensive.  
Not to mention, things that I did NOT need before decided to join the fun and jump on the list too.
The specific thing I'm referring to is a decent pair of designer sunglasses.  Which I already had.  
But someone who has no soul decided to break into my car on Friday night and steal them.  See ya later sunnies.  I'll forever miss you.

Here's what I'm currently needing:

A new car.  It's time.  I'm most likely getting a black Jeep Liberty, like this beauty.

A new Macbook Pro.  I currently have the standard Macbook.  It's time for an upgrade.  This will be my graduation present.  Eeee :)

A lovely camera.  That takes like, good pictures.  Is that really too much to ask for?  Come on.

An iPhone.  I'm totes-magotes sick of my BlackBerry.  And Instagram is calling my name.

If anyone happens to be interested in making one of these purchases for me that would be much appreciated.  
Just a thought.  Since I'm up to about $20,000 in "wants/needs."  Man those suckers are expensive.
What's on everyone else's "wants-but-I-tell-myself-I-need" list?  
Let's talk about 'em.


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