Twenty Two in Twenty Two

My absolutely favorite blogger is holding a link-up today.  Excited much?  Yes.  Yes I am.
Her name?  Erin from Living in Yellow.  Maybe you've heard of this gal?  If not, I highly suggest you 1. Check out her blog and 2. Do this fantastic link-up:

Twenty Two in Twenty Two
Rules: Take your age and then list what you want to do in that year of your life. 
I'm jumping the gun a bit (I turn 22 in one month.)  I cheat.  So what.
Here we go!

1. Possibly get engaged to the man of my dreams?  I have the man.  Just need the ring.  What a good birthday present that would be :)
 Wink, wink.  Nudge, nudge.  

2. Graduate college
3.  Buy a new Jeep
This one to be exact.

4. Take a fabulous vacation to somewhere tropical
5. Spend countless hours with my adorable nephew
I wish he was still this age.  Little bugger is 3 already!

6. Jam out at Summer Fest in Milwaukee.  
(The biggest music festival in the country.)
7. Return to The Little Farmer to pick apples and make these suckers for my apartment.

8. Get my new Macbook as a graduation present
9. Make it to another Packer Game to freeze my butt off and watch my beer turn to slush while they kick some butt.

10. Get a massage
11. Make it to 1000 GFC followers.  So. Stoked.
12.  Get an amazing job after graduation with my new degree
13. Eat something healthy.  HAH.  Yeah right.
14. Stay incredibly organized with my new planner

15.  Switch to Verizon Wireless so I can finally get an iPhone
16. Purchase a Keurig.  Or have one purchased for me.  
Whichever works. #coffeelover
17. Start doing yoga 
18. Go snowboarding with Adam
He's good.  I'm not.

19. See the Trans Siberian Orchestra during the holidays
20.  Go to Six Flags and ride the roller coasters
21. Move into an even more gorgeous apartment
22.  Spend every second possible with my number one guy.  



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