YOU GUYS.. Look What is Now at Sephora!

Hi beauty queens!  I'm SO excited to tell you this news!  If you don't follow my Instagram... 1. You should @katiekrenz and 2.  You may not know, but the one and only Beauty Blender is now being sold at Sephora!

Yahoo!  This is BIG news!  Prior to Friday, you had to order online if you wanted to get your hands on one.  Some people love online shopping, but I personally hate it!  I'm much too impatient to wait around for my goodies. So I never ordered a Beauty Blender, even though I lusted after it.

A Beauty Blender is basically a sponge, but it's more than that.  It's the most amazing tool for blending makeup.  Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is my favorite, and he swears by it. It's that good.  Here's how you use it:

1.  Take the Beauty Blender and run it under water
2. Give it a squeeze, and let the sponge absorb the water.  It is normal for it to expand to nearly twice the original size.
3. Squeeze out all of the excess water, and pat the sponge with a towel so it is just barely damp.  You do this so the sponge is saturated and won't absorb all of your makeup.
4. Squeeze a little bit of your liquid foundation onto your hand so it warms up a bit.  This will allow it to be applied a little more smoothly.  If you don't like to put it on your hand, putting it on the back of an old CD works, too.
5. Dab the Beauty Blender in the makeup, so it looks like the picture above.
6. "Bounce" the Beauty Blender on your face to apply the foundation.  This step is key!  Bouncing, or stippling, is a technique that makeup artists use to create a flawless finish.  Since the Beauty Blender has no edges, you won't be able to tell where the makeup was applied (which is usually a dead giveaway for an amateur).  Bounce it lightly all over your face until you have an even finish.
7. To clean it, simply run it under water again and give it another squeeze.
8.  Tah-dah!  You have a clean Beauty Blender, and a flawless and completely blended face.

I will never use a foundation brush again.  The Beauty Blender blends more evenly and perfectly than anything I've used, and I own some expensive high-end brushes.

It only costs $19.99 USD, which is a very good deal because it acts as a 2 in 1!  I also use it to blend concealer.

I hope you guys pick one up and try it!  Be prepared to add it to your every day routine ;)

Have you guys heard of it before or already have one?!  What do you think?!


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