Dior "Tulip Pink"

Dior Tulip Pink


Hey all!  I hope you had a great weekend! 
Mine was almost TOO good.... because I decided to treat myself to this little gem.  Muahaha.
Please meet my new friend Miss Dior, in the shade "Tulip Pink".  Isn't she gorgeous?!
SO perfect for spring.  I can barely even wait.

The packaging is to die for.  So classy and chic, as Dior should be.  I LOVE that the name Dior is imprinted into the side of the lipstick.  Tom Ford does something similar with their lipstick, which makes them almost too pretty to use!

But as you can see, I did use it.  It's quite a bit softer than it looks, yet not sheer.  The name Tulip Pink describes it perfectly, as it's the perfect girly shade of pink.  Don't let me forget to add that the quality of this lipstick is amazeballs.  Sometimes people say lipsticks are non-drying, but then they kind of are drying.  This one I PROMISE is so hydrating and feels great.  

You can find this little baby at any Sephora, but it'll run you about $32 USD.  YIKES.  Naughty, Katie.
It's a one-timer.
 Have any of you spoiled yourself with a Dior lipstick?  Or maybe YSL?

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