Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss

Hi lovelies.
Just sitting here with my disgustingly comfy and warm heating pad... watching the weather tell me the temperature in Wisconsin is going to drop to about 15 degrees soon.

Mood.  Ruined.

But I'm still really happy about these Smashbox Lip Enhancing glosses!  Do I know where they're from?  Yep.  My mom.  Bless her.  But unfortunately that means this review is going to be especially crappy because I know nothing about them except how they wear.  Sometimes, that's all ya need.

On that note- I absolutely hate sticky lip glosses.  And all my beautiful readers in relationships out there can agree with this…. so does my significant other.  Actually, he hates all lip glosses but he gets no say in this.  Anyway, this lip gloss isn't sticky at all!  Just smooth and shiny.  It also has great color payoff.  

I really love the red one.  It's been my go-to.  I figure it's an appropriate color since the holidays are almost here.  I have yet to wear the purple one… I feel like I'll be more inclined to choose it in the summer when I have a killer tan.

Don't quote me, but I believe my mom got them in this set HERE.  And only $24 USD for 5 high-end glosses?!  That's a heck of a deal, Ulta.  Touché.

Hope you check 'em out sometime!  Peace out girl scouts.


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