Crazy Christmas People

Hello ladies.

I can't believe how fast these weeks are flying by.  I mean really, it's almost Thanksgiving.  Getting real close to the time where I start my countdown to my most favoritest time of year… Christmas.   Speaking of that, I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about all the nut jobs that have their Christmas lights up already.  The conversation went a little something like this:

Host #1:  Some people are honestly crazy when it comes to the holidays.  There are people who even have their Christmas lights up.  Seriously, it's not even Thanksgiving people.  

Host #2: Okay, but it's different if people put their lights up before it gets to the point where your nose immediately runs the second you step outside, snot freezes to your face, and you lose half a toe.  That's called smart planning.  As long as you don't actually turn them on, I think it's totally cool.

Host #1:  Do you think there are actually people out there who have their Christmas tree up right now? There's NO possible way.  People who put their Christmas tree up this early have some type of emotional issue that they are trying to suppress, and Christmas is their only happy memory that they just have to drag out for months on end.  Honestly, nobody in their right mind has their tree up this early…

I 100% most definitely have my Christmas tree up.  Decorated, fully lit, & looking absolutely fabulous.

Here are my thoughts.
1.  I like Christmas.  A lot.  So I'm gonna make it stick around for as long as possible.  Makes sense...
2.  It makes my condo look pretty.  White lights and glitter?  What's not to love.  
3.  What in the HECK makes other people think they can tell me when to decorate?!  Hi control freaks.
4.  I hate Thanksgiving decorations.  Cute as they are, turkeys are not my style.  So why not just jump    right from Halloween to Christmas.  Just thinking logically over here.
5.  I have zero patience.  
6.  It makes me happy.  So step back, Christmas haters.

I've seen and heard countless debates about this.  The usual consensus is after Thanksgiving.  But nobody ever has a really good reason as to why...   

So, official question for you:


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