Maybe you’ve got an idea for a music-capable touch-sensor clothing or a plan to bring a board game to life across a major city. You can submit projects in fashion, music, tech and visual arts. Enter now and four winners could get funding worth $20,000 each and the chance to work with the appropriate media partner to complete the project.
Winners of the fashion challenge will win $20,000, work with Nylon to execute their vision, editorial mention and have the chance to get their work featured at their pop-up store.
Submissions must include:
  •   Submit your project in the Fashion categoryAdditional categories include: visual arts, technology   and music and will be supported by other media partners.
  • A JPEG, PDF, PNG, GIF or MP3 to best illustrate your artistic skill, originality and creativity
  • Submit a (max) 150-word written description of the project you hope to turn into reality
The deadline to enter is November 10th, 2013, go here to apply. And to learn more about the competition, go here.


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