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Hi dolls!  Happy Thursday!!
To begin, I want to warn you that I am a VERY picky person and I have a hard time deciding on my favorite anything.... but Miss Emily from The Sweetest Thing is definitely one of my favorite bloggers!  She's sweet (duh) and gorgeous, and funny..So... I decided to have her as my very first guest poster!

Take it away, Emily :)

Hey Lady Million Lovers! 
I know we are going to get along because we all have Katie in common - she's a sweetheart!

So, I'm Emily... (below) And I blog at The Sweetest Thing!
So, my blog consists of a variety of things anywhere from fashion, to hair tutorials, product reviews, marriage, etc. Come visit some time!

Miss Katie & I were discussing topics and she mentioned that I could do something on fashion... I don't want to bore you so I thought I'd do a little post about Holiday travel!

Tis the season for road trips, right?

I don't know about you, but during the Holiday season - we stay busy traveling, especially now that I'm married and have a second family to go visit.
John & I live in Tennessee. My family lives in Arkansas & his family Ohio so you can only imagine how busy we stay. We leave Thursday for a trip to Dayton, Ohio for a wedding so I'm already packing and preparing for the trip.
I have a few particulars that make long trips bearable. 
Here are my travel essentials for those long hours in the front seat...
1. Smart phone & Charger
What did we do before these babies? I use my phone to read books, text, Tweet, IG, read blogs, send e-mails, etc. while we are on the road. Of course, it never holds its charge for too long...
2.Oversized, Cozy Sweater
 I recently just bought this particular sweater. I prefer dressing comfy when we travel, yet I also like to look semi-cute in case we stop for dinner or something... hey, you never know who you'll run into!
3.Tasty Drink
Gas station coffee is my thang! I look forward to roadtrips because John knows that our first stop will be for hot coffee and a York. I loathe driving so I try to stay awake as much as possible to entertain John with my pointless rambling.
4. Sunnies
 Aviators are my favorite - but any will do. The sun is so harsh on our eyes so it's always nice to have sunnies packed... plus, if you are anything like me- you take little cat naps and sunnies help lessen the brightness of the sun.
5. Jeggings
As I was saying with oversized sweaters... I go for comfy + cute... thus a good pair of jeggings are always a go-to!
6. Neck pillow
My husband makes fun of people who carry these through the airport, but hilariously, I am one of them. I bought one on our way to Jamaica for our Honeymoon and that thing has since gotten it's money's worth!
7. Large Handbag
 Okay, okay, so I prefer LV but those are a little pricy... thank goodness for this site that makes a good knock-off! Anyway, I don't think you need any explanation for needing a large handbag.
8. Warm, Cozy Socks
 I am not a cold natured gal, but when John and I are in the car - it somehow always manages to be too cold for me. I hate wearing shoes in the car so I purposely wear thick socks. Aren't those cute?
9. Teasing Comb
As I said before, you never know who you'll see. I always give my hair a little tease before I jump out of the car, I guess it's the Arkansas in me!
10. Bronzer + Concealer
 A little concealer under my eyes makes me look awake after those cat naps... and of course, the bronzer makes me look alive!

What are your favorites when you travel? 

Thanks so much for reading - and a big thanks to Katie for having me! Follow me on Instagram and you'll probably see me in this gear when we head to Dayton on Thursday! 
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks so much Emily!  
Please pop over to her blog and hit the follow button if you like her as much as I do!  
Have a super sparkly weekend :D

Loves ya.  


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