A Little Jimmy Choo Never Hurt..

Jimmy Choo Perfume
Jimmy Choo Perfume
 Hola ladies.  I hope you're having a good weekend!
 After seeing the pictures above, anyone who truly knows me will be saying, "Katie.  You didn't."
And I'll be responding with, "Oh yes.  Yes I did."
Admitted perfume addict over here.

Last night I picked up this gorgeous Jimmy Choo perfume from Macy's.
Until recently it was only sold in Jimmy Choo boutiques.  But it was so lusted after that they started selling it in department stores.  I've also seen the rollerball being sold at Sephora. 
Here are the details:

Jimmy Choo
The 3.3 oz is priced at $95 (Good thing I had giftcards).
Think femininity, luxury, and style.
It has notes of tiger orchid, sweet toffee, and Indonesian Patchouli, sweet pear nectar, and orange.
In lamens terms, it smells very feminine, without being overly floral or sweet.  
As you can see, the bottle is so gorgeous.

   I am completely smitten with this perfume.  
 Let me know if you've tried it, and if you haven't... please go out and sample it!


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