A Big Ol' Thank You! | 1000 Followers

As of last night, my blog hit the 1000 follower milestone, and I'm super excited about it!  Thank you a million times to everyone that has followed, supported, commented, shared, re-tweeted, etc.  You are wonderful, and I really do appreciate it!

In honor of this event, I'd like to share a few little fun facts about my blog, Lady Like.

1. Birthday: May 1, 2012.
Yes I missed my blog's birthday.  Oopsie.  I do feel bad about that.  I was a liiiiittle busy graduating college and everything, so we'll have to make up for it next year.  I'll set a reminder.

2. My blog has had three names.
Yes, THREE.  I can be a somewhat indecisive person and have a hard time picking my favorite anything.  Therefore, I will change something until I feel that it is absolutely perfect and suits me.

Name #1: Belle De Jour- Funny story.  This is actually the name of a dirty television show or movie in other parts of the world.  I thought maybe this is not quite the exact message I'd like to be sending to my readers.  So I changed it.

Name #2: Lady Million.  One of my very favorite perfumes by Paco Rabanne.  Go smell it, you'll love it.  But there was something about it as my blog name that just didn't tickle my fancy for long.

Name #3: Lady Like.  PERFECT.  We have a keeper, ladies and gents.

3. Although I didn't plan on this, my DIY blog design posts have been a major hit.  
I get tons of emails from you readers with questions about blog design.  I try to make my posts as simple and easy to follow so those without a degree in design can have a pretty blog, WITHOUT paying someone $500 dollars to do it for them.  With me, you get it for free :)  Boy am I generous.  Check those out by clicking the DIY Blog Design link up top (after reading this post, of course).

4.  Lady Like is a lifestyle blog.
I don't stick to fashion.  Or beauty.  Or DIY.  I write about anything and everything I want, and that's why I love it so much.  I never really run out of ideas, because I don't tie myself down to a certain blog theme, and I am not forced to stick to a particular topic.  I still get writer's blog (curse it) just like anyone else, but not too often.

5. I don't blog as often as I used to.
But I'd like to change that!  I used to write a post almost every day.  Like most, my life has changed.  I worked hard to graduate college and earn my degree.  I searched long and hard to find a full-time marketing position to start my career, and I landed one!  I also recently got engaged.  Read all about that post HERE!  I then relocated to a completely new city in order to start my new job  soon.

My life has been the definition of a roller-coaster in the past 4 months, but I am so excited about that.  As soon as it settles down a bit, I will jump back on the blogging train.  Promise.

Pretty much every blogger and their mother knows that Google Reader is now gone, and there has been a lot of speculation about the GFC widget disappearing soon as well.  Poop.  That's a bummer.

In case this does happen, I'd like to ask that you follow me on Blog Lovin' to keep up with me!

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