M.A.C. "Hue"

This is the M.A.C. lipstick "Hue" recommended by my very lovely sister.  
She's quite lipstick obsessed savvy.
I've heard of this shade quite a bit in the last few months, and I highly recommended that you "nudists" add it to your collection...  it's a good one.
To me, it is a slightly sheer pink-nude that is not at all too dramatic for daytime use.
It also goes great with any outfit since it's very neutral.
For comparison, it's similar to M.A.C. "Angel" mentioned in this post but is less pink and more sheer.
Price: $15

Hope you buy it.  Hope you luh-luh-loooove it.
Side Note:  I will have the new iPhone 5 in approximately 30 days.
I just though you should know that, whether you thought you needed to or not.  


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