Glowing Kardashian Cheeks

Hi lovelies!  Hope your weekend has been woooonderfully relaxing.  I'm here to show you one of my absolute favorite products that I've bought in a very long time.

As you can see, this picture is not me.  It's Kim Kardashian (whom I have mixed feelings about) but she always has the most amazing makeup.  Her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic (see him HERE) does an amazing job.

My Mission:
I've been on the hunt for the perfect highlighter, which is not an easy task.  Some are too glittery and most of them have too much pink tones.  They all end up looking like blush.  

So I wandered into Sephora yesterday and went over to my favorite section, NARS.  It never lets me down.  The first highlighter I picked up was from the Andy Warhol collection.  It ended up being way too dark.

The girl who worked there picked up a couple others from NARS that she thought I would like by how I was describing what I was interested in.  Here's what I wanted:
  • No glitter
  • No pink tones
  • A sheen, healthy glow
  • Powder form
Mission Accomplished- The Perfect Highlighter
I fell in love with one of the highlighters she suggested.  It's called "Albatross" by NARS.  Heard of it?

My Review:
No glitter.  No pink.
It's perfect.
It leaves a healthy, sheen glow on your cheek and catches the light really well.  I didn't know this when I bought it, but Mario used it on Khloe Kardashian for her her wedding.  This is part of an article that he wrote on his website describing the makeup he used on Khloe:

See?  Nars Albatross.  It's the bomb.  And he uses it on Kim too.  Boy do I know how to pick 'em :)

The Deets:

How to use it:  With a flat brush, apply the highlighter to the outside of the cheekbones up to the brow bone.
Where to Buy:  Sephora
Price: $28 

Loving it, loving it.
Please try :)


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