Why Pay More?

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An interesting topic of conversation is on this blog today, and it's one that a lot of girls talk about.... how much you pay for makeup (every male who reads this post now has an awful *cringe*).  But as a marketing guru major I find people's buying behaviors fascinating.  So please, please, please chime in by commenting with your thoughts below!

Now, love Guerlain and Givenchy just as much as the next girl, but there comes a point where you have to ask yourself WHAT is the name of all that is holy is the difference between the two?!  I find myself asking that question a LOT when it comes to mascara.  And I absolutely gush when I find a high street product that works just as well if not better than high end. 

I find that this is the case with the two products I have pictured above.  Their names are Benefit "They're Real" and Maybelline "The Falsies" (which so happens to be Tanya Burr's favorite mascara).  Never heard of her?  Shame on you.

I did a blog post on Benefit "They're Real" mascara (read HERE) because I really do love it.  I promise.  It gives great volume and length-- but so does The Falsies.  It comes in a true black color-- and The Falsies does as well.  The problem with "They're Real" for me is that fact that it's a real bugger when it comes to removing it.  That's where The Falsies wins. 

The price between certain beauty items is absolutely insane, but some people (including myself.  I am ashamed...) still pay for the more expensive item.  Is it because your perception of that item is that it's better quality?  Is it about image?  I truly do want to know!  Personally, I love owning expensive items.  Chanel and I are best friends.  But there are certain cases when I have to put my foot (and my wallet) and go the cheaper route.

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What are your thoughts on this topic?
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