Perfectly Vintage Burberry Sunnies

Hey there!  Happy Day-after-Easter to all my American beauties!  I hope everyone's weekend was wonderful and full of candy-eating.  I bought myself a little Easter treat, but it sure as heck isn't candy..........

These are the Burberry sunnies in style #4127.  Aren't they precious?  Fully polarized, black-framed, and branded across the side with the Burberry name.  These glasses are unique in that many of the Burberry sunnies typically have the Burberry pattern down the sides (as shown by the hard case at the bottom of the middle picture).  I felt these had a little more of a vintage and classic feel.  Swoon :)

They match with everything (the upside to choosing black accessories) and are perfectly over-sized.  The salesman told me I looked like "a beach bunny about to head out tanning" and I said "Perfect.  Wrap 'em up."

Short story- I had a pair of designer glasses that I bought last summer and loved.  LOVED.  Two months after I bought them, they were stolen out of my car.  And I park in locked garage with security cameras.  Angry was an understatement.  Oh well, live and learn.

But I'm glad I now have my new babies :)  BRING ON THE SUMMER TIME!


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