The MunichFabricStart is an international fabric trade fair that holds two fair trades a year features a wide range of textiles, accessories and trims at this exhibition. They wrapped up their S/S 2014 fair yesterday and if you missed it, here is MunichFabricStart's Spring/Summer 2014 trends for the season:

BEAUTY FULL... we position the unbelievably complex beauty of fashion and the fabrics it is made from. Textiles and styles reveal a lot of technique and know-how as well as an artistic extravaganza in the haute-couture manner. What's most exciting is that all this is realized sotto voce. It is not about showing off. It's all about joy, finesse and intelligent realization. A game between high-tech and naturalness, approach and distance, anonymity and decoration offers so much space for staging, art, and surprise.

Below are just a few samples of some of their trends and to view more, go here.  You can also order their very reasonable Spring/Summer 2014 trend catalog and color card online, go here.


The clear yet soft style of the 50's and 60's, with a whiff of the high-tech, dictates this theme. Nostalgic, touristic images of these by-gone days inspire a new photo-realism. Technical influences such as see-through surfaces with tenderly changing colours or the direct reflections of sunbeams diffuse a soft, spheric atmosphere. A mixture of coolness and softness is created.

Gold – pomp and circumstance, folklore and culture, belief and superstition form the frame for a rich theme of elaborate refinement and patterning with styles and designs inspired by the Hispanic tradition. Everything is reduced, whether in colour, form or pattern. This forms an exciting combination of the tight fitting matador-style and the wide wraps of Zorro.

American coolness in clear forms appears with a mysterious anonymity. This leads to sex-appeal galore via perfectly figure-hugging shapes, transparencies and high varnish styles. Super-chic styles atomize Hollywood finesse. Clean agent-looks show pure elegance. 3-D perspectives and optical illusions are applied both in prints as well as in inserted cut-constructions.

Digital exotic as art: the calculated chaos of graphics, cuttings and pattern mixtures forms this theme. Nature is the main source of inspiration – whether utopian, free and painterly or realistic: the limits of art and fashion melt together. With the help of intelligent transformations of pixel-art and micro- or macro-zooming, this jungle of different worlds becomes modern.


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