A Miracle Mask

Hi all!  How are we doing??
I've been having some CRAZY weeks lately.  Meaning blogging has been pushed to bottom of the priority list.  Poop.
But I do have a good one for you today!
Let me introduce you to my little beauty secret for amazing skin:  The Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance masque.  Yes.  It's a mouthful.
But it's wonderful.  This is the top of the bottle (which is huge by the way) so it should last you AGES.

The formula is really rich, and you're supposed to put a thick coat on your face.  As you can see it's white, so you won't look like the green goblin.  Just Casper the Friendly Ghost.
You should leave the mask on for about 8 minutes, which isn't too long compared to others I've used.

The point of this mask is BALANCE.  It re-hydrates, re-moisturized, and re-charges your skin.  If you have really oily, or really dry skin this mask is wonderful because it's all about bringing your natural skin back to the point it should be.  It's great if you've been getting breakouts, or if your face just isn't looking it's best.  It will be glowing after you use this!  Bible.

Okay, I've told you what my secret is, so what's yours?!  Any great masks out there I should be aware of?


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