I Wouldn't Trade Him for Anything.

Hello All!  Long time no see.
For any of you gentelemen out there that are reading this...(like maybe 1?) there are a few rules if you're to the point where you plan on asking your girl to marry you.  I know this because I recently got engaged.  That means I said yes, and my fiancé did everything right in order for me to do so :)  

Rule #1:  You must ask her parent's permission.  Both of them.  There is no exception to this rule and I highly recommend doing it in person.

Rule #2: Get down on one knee.

Rule #3: Use her full name when you ask.

Rule #4:  What this post is all about, and what most guys fail to do...... hire a photographer to secretly shoot the proposal.  That is where my fiancé gets one GIANT golden star.  He did this for me, and the photos were my birthday present!  (p.s. my birthday was Sunday, and I am now an elderly 23 years old.

WARNING:  I look TERRIBLE in these pictures.  But it's alright, because they're cute.

I'm so proud of him for pulling this off.  The pictures are perfect and I can't wait to display them!
All info is below.  Have a good weekend! x

Photographer: Monique Ramirez
Location:  Millenium Park, Chicago IL


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