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Submission Deadline: 15 October, 2013, 6pm CET
Voting Starts: 16 October, 2013, 6pm CET

The secret's finally out! FRS is adding yet another new member to the FRS family: Sweaters

Last month, we asked you to submerse yourself in abstract washes of color in our “Marbleous World” challenge – and this month, we want you to do the exact opposite! For the “Illustrated Dreams” challenge it’s time to pick up your pencils & get sketching, ‘cause for this special Facebook challenge, FRS is going graphic!

Let your imagination run riot as you design your dream shirt – from cutesy owls & sheep drawings to mind-blowing Dali-esque figures, the sky’s the limit! All we ask is that you keep colors to a minimum, and please, no digital glyphs – we want these designs done the old fashioned way!

Think you're ready for some exposure this fall? Head to to enter!

What can you win?

Each winner receives a one-off immediate prize of 200€. plus one of their products when it arrives in stock. But that is not all - each & every time we sell 500 pieces of your design, you will receive an additional €200. This means that FRS can continue to embody the spirit of fashion democracy, rewarding our top designs again...and again...and again! We will also conduct an interview with the winner, publicizing their design across the fashion community in Berlin and worldwide.

Go here to learn more and to submit your designs.


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