Below are images of  Fashionising's Winter Garden mood boards of floral print trends.  I simply couldn't resist on reposting them and hope you find them as inspirational as I do.
Editorial via Fashionising. Go here to view designer credit and to take a look at their other inspirational contents.
The association of florals to spring is a strong and a natural one. As it is in nature, so it is in style. But that’s also what makes flowers in winter so spectacular: blossoming against all odds, colour shining through the cold and gloom, a reminder of what was and a promise of what’s to come.
Transitioning from summer into the fashion trends of fall 2013 is a little easier if you have a garden of wintery florals to work with. As for which florals to choose this year, and how to wear them, you might be after some inspiration. For that, click through to the mood boards:
1. Go for maximum contrast and a wintery mood with vibrant floral prints on a base of pitch black.
2. Clash bright colours and graphic lines for optimistic fall floral prints.
3. Channel fall’s regal medieval trend with tapestry florals and embroidery.
4. Revisit earthy tones and brown hues for a very vintage twist.





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