8 Ways to Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Hello gorgeous girls.

I have had a lot of life changes lately (graduated college, moved to a big city, started a fantastic new job, got engaged).  You know.  Those kinds of things.

But one thing is for sure and that is I am still on a budget and trying to save every penny I possibly can.
Now, I love my makeup.  I'm not getting rid of my expensive products and no one can make me.  So my next option is to find ways to make it last longer.

I've compiled a list of ways to make your products last as long as possible.  Some I've tried.  Some others have tried.  And they work!  A few may sound downright goofy, but give at least one a shot and tell me what you think!

1. Just Add.... Saline

Ever feel like your really nice mascara only stays nice for about... ehh... 6 days?  Me too.  And it really pushes my beauty buttons.  But fear not... theres a solution ;)  Haha.  Get it?

I don't wear contacts, or even glasses so I don't have this stuff laying around the house.  But if you do, it has multiple benefits!  Add 7-8 drops into your "old" mascara tube, and jab the wand back in there.  Mix it around in there, and when you try it again I bet it'll be worlds different.  No more clumps or dryness.

You're welcome.

2. Pump it Up
I've owned pretty much every foundation under the sun.  And I can say with confidence that the ones that have lasted longer are the ones that come with pumps.

As a marketer, I realize that it's better for the seller not to include a pump.  Why? Because then you're like me and you end up not paying attention and dumping half of your foundation onto your hand.   It wastes more product, and makes them more money.  Scoundrels!

So get one with a pump!  Your control will be much higher and foundation dollars spent, much lower.

3.  Recycle and Re-Use

Here's another one for you foundation junkies.
Try putting your old mascara (JUST the wand) in the dishwasher.  When it comes out clean, you now have a brow brush.  Voila.

There are tons of ways you can recycle old products and find new uses for them.  Do some googling.  It'll be good for you.

4.  Reinvent
I have a couple ideas for you here...
#1-  Take the remnants of your bronzer and mash it up into fine powder.  Add it to moisturizer.  Use it on your arms/chest/legs.  Beauty!

#2- Hate your conditioner? Don't throw it out.  Use it as shaving cream.  It leaves your legs wonderfully smooth.

5. Be-Friend Your Q-Tips

Sometimes there is more than meets the eye.  This definitely goes for lipstick.
Find a few q-tips, and start scraping the bottom of that tube.  Q-tips work great as lip product applicators, and this may get you 5-6 more uses.

6. Piece it Together
Have a case of the dropsies?  Or maybe the UPS man got a little rowdy?  Don't worry.  Rubbing alcohol will help fix a broken blush or eyeshadow.  Add a few drops, and powder will magically reset in the pan.

7. Revive Old Nail Polish

Spending $8 dollars on a bottle of nail polish is insane.  Annnd a lot of us still do it.  Guilty.
And some of us have SO much nail polish that it would be impossible to use them all consistently.  Old nail polish ends up getting thick and unusable.

Try adding a thinner.  It'll save you the headache of trying to paint your nails with polish as thick as molasses.

8.  Soak Your Razor
In baby oil!  It  will keep the metal from oxidizing, keeping in sharper longer.  Which is great!  Because my razors cost an arm and a leg :)

And that's all folks!  Hopefully this helps.  Always here to keep your wallet happy.


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